This is a tricky section for me as I imagine very few people will visit it, for those of you who do somehow find yourselfs here and actually begin reading this paragraph, I will try and make it as amusing as possible to ensure the next five minuets of your life was not just wasted.

My interest in computers began at a very early age, I fulfilled all the cliché's an average tech guy undergoes in order to metamorphosise into what is described today as a "geek" (Urban Dictionary describes it as - "The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult"). I checked off the top criteria like a pro who walks through an exam:

  • - Mucked about on a computer as a kid that took either tapes or huge floppy disks that would cause confusion for kids of today - check.
  • - Grew up playing computer games on a variety of consoles whilst in wonder of how such games are created with the aspirations' of creating one myself at the earliest convenience - check.
  • - Got glasses (big ones) - check
  • - Opened op a broken computer to see what's inside - check

Having chosen my career path like a "chosen one" I decided to get a degree in the sciences of computers with game technology. It was at the institution known as "City University" where I created my first game (space invaders) and mentally checked off an item on my bucket list. Having entered uni as a naive go-getter my initial desire was to enlist my services into the gaming sector, this however quickly changed as I began to realise that at the time it would mean working for one of the three major companies; EA, Rockstar, or Sega TILL THE DAY I DIE or retire (not a likely prospect with our government).

Being a human being of a social disposition I wanted to have a more diverse portfolio and meet different peers, thus I decided to go into web development. My decision was a two-fold , the first being the fact that as a first job I would literally take anything thrown at me (fortunately for me the first thing thrown was a website). The second reason was the belief that the internet would eventually take over every aspect of our lives, kind of like SKYNET from the terminator movies (minus the destructive tendencies as I would be the one to ensure I have a unit test against that and its always green).

Having worked my way up the worn out career ladder I eventually became a veteran developer (with the battle scars of bad deployments and school boy coding errors), seniors they call them. So as a senior I decided to follow the going trend and create a blog in order to better myself. In the words of a random French philosopher I found of the internet who seems to capture my thoughts quite well:

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly. - Henri Bergson

I have created this blog as a documented reference site for other naive uni students much like myself at one point, in order to allow the next wave of developers to grow faster and become better developers (lets also not forget about the battle scars). If you did reach the end here, thank you for reading a aging developers life story.